Agency Placement-Metro Caring

This week I learned that the agency I will be working for during my year in Denver will be Metro Caring. I will be working alongside another person from a similar, year-long service program to DOOR as a program assistant.

Metro Caring’s mission is hunger so it aims to solve the root causes of hunger and offers programming related to Healthy Food Access, Nutrition and Gardening, and Self-Sufficiency.

As a program assistant I will be involved in all three aspects of Metro Caring’s mission by overseeing the Metro Caring Market and implementing inventory, directing volunteers, implementing nutrition classes, managing the teaching garden and composting programs, enrolling participants in benefit programs, and much more! The goal of the program assistant is to be sufficient and able to jump in to any area they may be needed.

I am looking forward to what I am sure will be a challenging, but rewarding experience and getting to learn about every aspect of the Metro Caring program!

For more information, visit the Metro Caring website:


2 thoughts on “Agency Placement-Metro Caring

  1. Per my voice mail– prayers your way and a check is heading to your program– Denver is a fun place– My sister lives in Estes Park– I hope you get to visit there-


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