I am currently almost to the finish line of a week-long orientation event for the YAV program in Stony Point, NY. I promise that I will post more about this very disorienting :] experience in the next few days, but before I do that I have something very important to say, that needed it’s own post!

Thank You!

I want to thank everyone for the financial support that was received to help fund my YAV year. When I received my first fundraising report, I drove to the post office for stamps in (happy) tears because I was so overwhelmed by how loved and supported I felt by family, friends, and church family from both Northminster-Indy and First Presbyterian-Bloomington.

This week of orientation has taught me that there will be moments during my YAV year where I will feel very much alone but I know I can lean on not only God, but also the knowledge that so many of the important people in my life thus far support me enough to give their money so that I can have this life-changing experience that will hopefully lead to a life of service and advocacy and partnership.

A blog post and a thank you note does not seem like enough–but just know that I am grateful and will do my best to make sure that this year is not wasted.


(Check back in a day or two for a post with the highlights of orientation week!)


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