Update from Denver

First of all, I apologize for not posting  in such a long time but I’m trying to be conscious of the messages in my blog. I want to post realistic blogs about YAV life here in Denver because I know when I was applying to be a YAV and going through the discernment process, I looked to the blogs of then-current YAVs to see what was happening in each city and for the most part found very little that actually described the day to day of being a YAV in that particular city.

And while I am learning a lot about myself during this year and would love to post blogs that have thought-provoking messages, I do not want this blog to be yet another reflection from a white, privileged person finding herself while living on the margins. So here’s just a little bit of what I’ve been up to these past few months since I last blogged:

I now share a room with a very squeaky bunk bed.

I joined the Chancel Choir at Central Presbyterian Church causing me to feel closer to God than I have since high school.There’s just something about singing that makes all the difference in my spiritual life! Central is an amazing congregation rooted in their long history while making great strides to bring the church into the future with unique worship and programming. I’m making an effort participate in the 20s/30s group that Central has whenever time and stipend allow.

My responsibilities at work have changed from being focused on providing Metro Caring participants with identification to providing Metro Caring participants with utilities assistance meaning I now spend a significant amount of time on the phone. I’m enjoying the fact that I feel comfortable with a lot of my coworkers now and love building community with coworkers while inside and outside of work.

I’m at the about half-way point in my year where I’m starting to think about what happens next but it’s still too early to make concrete plans which I find anxiety inducing. I also gave up pizza for lent :/

Most recently, we had a Snow Retreat at Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp. This camp was a beautiful place covered in snow that offered opportunities for worship, singing hymns (did you know that Mennonites LOVE to sing Hymns?), playing broomball and human curling, and building community with my house as well as other young adults in similar places in their lives.


Broomball on a very slippery, frozen lake. 




My almost-wipe-out during human curling.


 Check out the rest of the pictures for other things that have been happening since my last blog post!


Turkey Trot–Thanksgiving in Denver. 


DOOR Board Christmas Party! 


Martin Luther King Jr. Day 


Corporate Marade Takeover




Community Day affirmations. 


Got to see IU alum (and future husband) Cody Zeller take on the Nuggets! 


Past and present Denver DWELLers/YAVs rooting for the Broncos!


The Broncos won the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!


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